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For over 10 years HaloCom delivered one of the worlds largest SMS infrastructures, our team has grown and now its time to expand our ventures. We are relaunching as a global telecommunications consultancy company with some of the most sought after consultants in world.


Our team has decades of experience delivering networks, solutions and guidance for the top 50 telco's. We've delivered and reviewed: access & transport networks, IT systems through to marketing campaigns.

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Our highly skilled team can be onsite, almost anywhere in the world within 24 hours; as well as within the hour for critical online support.

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We believe in capability and quality. We have a core team of consultants who deliver discipline based consulting. Each can be deployed to aide as an individual or as teams for scale.

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Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.– Winston Churchill

Who we are:

In one of the worlds most competitive service markets, your company needs to find, maintain and grow its competitive edge - HaloCom delivers the "edge".

With our commercial, technical and operational teams ready to support we are able to comprehensively and efficiently review your needs.

Our certified programme managers have delivered and directed fibre rollouts, 4G implementations and IT infrastructure projects - We even supported the worlds fastest fibre rollout, in Qatar.

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